The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the record

Aside from the one time when I was assigned to train him, help him get the details in and his speed up to par, and he turned red and shouted at me in barely restrained fury, "SHUT UP!" I made no further complaint about him. When my supervisor asked about him very recently, I refused to make vague reports. I admitted I found him difficult to work with, but unless I had something specific to describe, I would keep my feelings to myself.

That one time I reported immediately, for behaviour I considered well outside professional conduct. I made no further mention of it. He, however, didn't even acknowledge me for over six months. Which is odd, considering that by the codes of military service, (when he strongly self identifies as Marine) no matter your personal feelings, you salute and greet anyone crossing your path. I'd give him a "good morning" and he would pretend I didn't exist. I found this very funny and childish, but never pushed further.

Not a whole person we were dealing with there. Divorced from himself.

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