The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DTs from nyquil

Falling asleep the first night not taking cold meds for several days.

Taking a man's and a woman's coat to the car to be dry cleaned. Men's sportsjacket on a hanger on the door frame of the car, the door partially closed on it. I put all three into the car as a woman's voice begs me for a coat or money. I refuse, and she keeps badgering me. When I stand in front of her and tell her no, she comes toward me, still begging, threatening, and I take out a knife, threaten her, and finally stab her.

I see a dark, flat landscape, a plain at night in winter, a dim horizon, and the bright animated, blood spatters, in CGI circles. More spatters of bright color, perfect circles of red, blue, purple, then multicolor circles, then streaks, and I am aware that some people claim they don't dream in color, and this is wrong. The display continues, sharp edged, ultra real, a wave of black & white bubbles, each with an eye. Then a huge octopus, with bright multi colored, perfectly round, suctions, fills the field of vision. Then scuba divers, and faces, and I chant to myself, colored circles, colored circles, because I know faces will become nightmares. Then the whole landscape becomes insectoid and mechanistic, HR Geiger wallpaper, all moving. Fascinating, but I know the skulls and horrors will come soon. I mange to move and break the prodromal phase.

I get up and take melatonin, sit for a while and read, then come back to bed, cold, but surer of sleep.


  1. Good read. It sounds a lot like amphetamine psychosis to me. I hate that Nyquil crap myself, ugh!

  2. David,
    Agreed, but sometimes you gotta breathe. I do this this prodromal sleep at times, rarer as I get older. Used to be every night when I was a kid.


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