The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Agnostic for damn good reasons

I can only feel sorry for the friends, widow, even the brother, of the elder bomber. They all got sucked into his own entitlement to the kind of friends he wanted, all others must pay with blood. Not that they are not responsible for their own actions, and inactions, only that I see them as victims as well.

Of zealotry and blame and self righteousness, of culture bound and absolute religions.


  1. I’ve done a post nobody understood.
    Of the work Primitive Methodists do. Its all religions, not just Islam.

  2. Utterly agree. I dislike Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus, if extreme and absolute, equally. Wishful thinking, magical thinking - makes a mess of lives.


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