The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paying way too high a price

“pirsonalmente di pirsona”

Had a glass too much beer yesterday, exactly one more than usual. And vengeance came upon me, violently and persisting. To the extent that I don't feel that my one step into well-buzzed justified the vomiting, misery and level of illness. So, I accepted pity. D very kind, a great comfort.

Still feeling unwell, wrung out, painful abdomen, vague nausea, head muck, listless, tired, weak. So, much better than yesterday, in short. I have to consider that a tad extra beer teamed up with something else. But it could well just be that I cannot metabolize alcohol properly, and my limits are not only closer in, but with a tiny margin.

I shall have to be even more careful. Moderate. My sinuses have final say. My gut concurs.

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  1. Also hope you don't have the bug which is plaguing half the people I know here in London. Do you know anyone who's been in London lately?


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