The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Monday, September 2, 2013

A working dog needs a purpose, not a lazy owner.

Watching the border collies at the sheepdog trials, thought about my brother's dog, Boo. A frustrated and under exercised, and therefore badly neglected dog, who deserved better. The commentary guy even talked about this, that they don't make good housepets, they need to run, and work.

Not like he didn't know, told a story of driving a side road in Arizona, and a flock of sheep on the road, so they let Boo out, and he herded them off the road.


  1. do NOT even get me started.

    reason number one i hate my neighbor?

    she has a dog.

    that dog has NEVER been walked farther than the garage. i am serious about this. she never takes it anywhere, not even around the block.

    and it's a full size and lanky black lab.

  2. flask,
    Unspeakably sad and frustrating. And all too common.

  3. And why we don't have a dog... we don't feel up to that level of work, so we don't take on that responsibility. I'd love a dog, but until I know I can do my best for that dog's needs, I'll stick with cats. Who take care, but less intensely, less outside.


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