The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Letting go of all the harm.

Compassion isn't a luxury, isn't nice, a decoration, an extra, but essential. Compassion is the way through the hurt, understanding kindness for everyone involved in the pain. That breaks the cycle, that heals the wounds.

It does not absolve responsibility, does not hide truth, it says, enough, be at peace.


  1. Compassion.
    Yes, it's what makes some of us human. Compassion without checking the bottom line first.

    Thank you for sending me to Jo(e)

  2. Friko,
    I should've done so much sooner.

  3. Compassion yes but burning a few bridges has helped me maintain some sanity....:)

  4. I believe in burnt bridges, see above. But in my heart, I have to see their harm comes from their own fear and pain. Find that, and I can be kind to myself. All comes down to seeing my own pain and failures and frailty, so I don't throw it on others. Stopping the cycle.


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