The memory of smoke

The memory of smoke

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boston at 80 is sweltering, so.

Nothing like a few hot days to make me want to live much further north. Not that heat further north can't be worse, more humid, houses less well designed for heat. So, really, I can't go far enough north for satisfaction.

Good to live in a bungalow.


  1. i do not approve of temperatures above 75.

    these days i have a lot to disapprove of.

    i could not live in the deep south. my friends and i consider the deep south to be everything below windsor and rutland counties.

  2. flask,
    Me neither. But we get them three to four months out of every 12 here. I could not tolerate anything further south, and never feel right in the years without a summer. I've had two, and they sucked.


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